Pt Pelee Festival Of Birds 2020: Cancelled

Hundreds of thousands of  birds and thousands of birders from around the world flock to Point Pelee National Park every May to enjoy one of the most phenomenal bird migrations on the North American continent. The Friends of Pt. Pelee with Parks Canada provide a full calendar of programs, daily hikes and special presentations, many free of charge. For more info:

OFO SHOREBIRD NIGHTS at Hillman Marsh Conservation Area – Celebrate the migration with a trip to one of the region’s birding hot spots: the Hillman Marsh Conservation Area. Spring comes alive with swirling flocks of shorebirds over the mudflat habitat providing an important migration stopover for thousands of sandpipers and plovers, as well as rarer shorebirds such as Avocets and Marbled Godwits.  Learn more about the amazing and diverse shorebirds that rest and feed at this unique habitat.  Admission is a day pass at the gate. More information about Hillman Marsh here:


Manufacturers of the world’s finest BINOCULARS & SPOTTING SCOPES exhibit and demonstrate their sport optics to birders and the general public on the lakefront at Pelee Wings Nature Store,  636 Point Pelee Drive, Leamington.  The Expo is the second Friday and Saturday of May.

KOWA state-of-the art birding optics are featured and on display for field testing. Pelee Wings offers their BEST PRICING of the YEAR for this event. Binoculars & spotting scopes are also enjoyed for astronomy, travel, boating, hunting, target shooting, surveillance, and by waterfront home-owners. Bring the family to Point Pelee to enjoy the birds and the Sport Optics Expo!

A portion of the sales benefits local wildlife conservation.  Pelee Wings Nature Store: